Alpha Chapter History and Archives Policy

Fall 2019

  1. Duties of the Historian
    1. Plan and host regular History and Archive Committee meetings.
    2. Document and maintain any historical archives in relation to the Alpha Chapter of Mu Beta Psi.
    3. Coordinate and delegate duties to History and Archives Committee members.
    4. Create a Scrapbook documenting the activities of Alpha Chapter as described in the National History and Archives Policy to be submitted at National Convention.
    5. Attend all National History and Archives Committee Meetings.
    6. Preserve the history of the Chapter.
    7. Host a Campus Tour for each Pledgeclass as scheduled by the Pledgemasters
  2. Responsibilities of the History and Archives Committee members
    1. Assist the Historian with their duties.
    2. Perform tasks delegated by the Historian for History and Archives events.
    3. Attend all History and Archives Committee meetings.
      1. One (1) unexcused absence is allowed per academic semester.
      2. Absences will always be excused under the following conditions
        1. Illness
        2. University documented events
        3. Musical ensemble performances
        4. Funeral/Wedding
      3. Each additional unexcused absence after one (1) unexcused absence will result in a fine of $10.00 to be used for History and Archives purposes.
      4. Assist the Historian by taking and collecting pictures of all Fraternity events.
  3. Archives
    1. All officers and committee chairs shall be responsible for submitting two (2) copies of all official written documents to the Historian.
      1. Written documents shall include, but not be limited to, all Policies, guidelines, amendments, service materials, pledging materials, and publicity materials.
      2. At the end of the semester, a $2.00 fine shall be assessed for each document that is not submitted by the last general meeting of the semester.
    2. For every Event, the officer and/or committee chair in charge shall be responsible for taking at least one (1) group picture of all Brothers and Pledges (if applicable) in attendance.
      1. If an Officer or committee chair will not be present, the Historian shall be notified immediately, and someone will be chosen by the Historian, in consultation with all those planning to attend the event, to photograph the Event.
  4. Scrapbook
    1. All Active, Special Active, and Affiliate Brothers shall be required to create two (2) one-sided pages about themselves, to be included in the Alpha Chapter Scrapbook.
      1. A Brother may request that the Historian or a member of the History and Archives Committee to create their page. The Historian or the member of the History and Archives Committee may decline.
      2. Failure to complete required pages will result in a $2.00 fine to be collected by the Treasurer.
    2. Brother Page Requirements
      1. Full Name
      2. Hometown
      3. Nickname(s), if applicable
      4. Major(s) and Minor(s)
      5. Current Music Ensembles, NCSU or otherwise
      6. Current Officer and Committee Chair Positions
      7. Current Committees
      8. Big Brothers
      9. Little Brother(s)
      10. Pledgeclass Year and Name
      11. Romantic Attachment (R.A.)
      12. One profile picture
      13. Pictures of the Brother with other Brothers and/or during Alpha Chapter Activities
      14. All pages must adhere to the theme of the scrapbook as described by the Historian.
        1. Failure to do so will give the Historian full permission to edit the entire page without consent of the Brother whose page is in question.
    3. All members of the History and Archives Committee shall be required to create five (5) pages for the Scrapbook to be assigned by the Historian.
      1. Failure to complete required pages will result in a $2.00 per page fine to be collected by the Treasurer.
    4. All pages are subject to approval by the Historian
    5. The Historian shall be consulted before any pictures are altered in any way.
    6. All picture captions must include the names of those present in the picture and must be included on a page describing the contents of the picture.
    7. Any Brother who completes more than the pages described in IV.A and IV.C, to be included in the Scrapbook will receive Spirit of Brotherhood points, the value of which shall be decided by the Chair of the Brotherhood Committee.
      1. These pages may include additional Brother pages and/or pages for another section of the Scrapbook.
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