Substance Abuse Policy

  1. The improper or illegal use of alcohol or any other controlled substance at any Fraternity activity is prohibited.
  2. All Fraternity members and pledges are expected to comply with Federal, State, Local and University laws and rules concerning alcohol and controlled substances.
  3. Fraternity functions shall not be sponsored by distributors or manufacturers of alcoholic beverages or by any other person or organization advocating the improper or illegal use of alcohol or controlled substances.
  4. Fraternity members and pledges shall not be required to consume or use alcohol or any other controlled substance.
  5. Each Fraternity member has an obligation to refrain from actions which will harmfully implicate the Fraternity, a Chapter, or a member, or which would reflect unfavorably on these.
  6. Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances are forbidden at any activity which requires maximum mental alertness and/or physical capability, including but not limited to Fraternity initiation and physical competition.
  7. The proper use of alcohol, in accordance with State law and University policy, may be permitted at certain Fraternity social functions including but not limited to Convention, banquets, formals and other social events.
  8. The Fraternity, whether it be the National Organization or a Chapter, shall not pay for alcohol with Fraternity funds.
  9. Each Chapter may impose additional constraints on the use of alcohol and controlled substances on itself and its guests.
  10. Waivers for alcohol and controlled substances shall not be granted.
  11. The Chapter shall enforce the policy as stated in Sections 1-10 in accordance with the Chapter's By-Laws.
  12. The penalties imposed by the Chapter may range from censure to expulsion from the Fraternity.
  13. The failure of any Chapter to act in the best interest of the Fraternity with regards to this policy will be adequate grounds for action by the Board of Trustees.
  14. The National Executive Committee shall forward complaints or questions by the Chapter pertaining to the penalties incurred by the Chapter or individual to the Board of Trustees. Penalties for an individual or Chapter will be left to the National Executive Committee's discretion. Appeal of National Executive Committee decisions can be made to the Board of Trustees. In extreme cases the penalties may include expulsion of members and/or loss of the Chapter's charter.
  15. This policy shall be revised as necessary by the National Convention, and approved by a three- fourths (¾) vote of the Legislative Council.
Approved March 1, 1997
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