Administrative policies may be created with the tools provided below.

Planning an Effective Process

Make a Policy Plan before writing a policy. Creating a policy plan allows you, the policy owner, to:

  • summarize the policy
  • explain the need for the policy
  • assess the risks associated with the topic
  • quantify the impact if no policy were in place

If your work impacts existing policy, then familiarize yourself with discussion etiquette to use the wiki-based policy library. Discussion makes the resulting policy better.

Guide to Writing Policy

The Guide to Writing Policies will assist with the writing style and organization of your new policy. You are encouraged to read it before you begin drafting a policy. Procedures and appendices may be created as needed to supplement the policy.

Ready to get started? Policy owners may contact the National President or the National Historian at any point in the planning or drafting stage. Once drafted, the National President will guide you through the subsequent review and approval steps. You can use a Policy Template to streamline the segments, and help you address some of the questions people will have.

Planning Communications

You may find that preparing for communication is helpful. This step is optional.

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