Who We Are

Mu Beta Psi was founded with the following four purposes:

  • To honor those outstanding individuals who have devoted their time and efforts to the musical organizations at the educational institutions of the respective Chapters.
  • To stimulate interest in the musical organizations at the educational institutions of the respective Chapters.
  • To advance music to its proper place as an educational subject.
  • To encourage fellowship amongst musicians everywhere.

The members of Mu Beta Psi are a diverse group with many interests — but with one thing in common: we share a love for music. By not requiring Brothers to be music majors, Mu Beta Psi provides a unique opportunity for many students with an active interest in music to work together both musically and socially.


Mu Beta Psi is…


Brothers are chosen for their love for music and commitment to its advancement at their educational institution and in the surrounding community.

Flyer for Jazz Ensemble concert, which Brothers participated in

Marching in NC State’s Marcharound

Brothers purchased three chairs for the renovated theater at SUNY Oswego


The Brothers of Mu Beta Psi provide service to musical organizations on their respective campuses and in the surrounding community. Ushering University sponsored concert series, assisting in the planning of concerts and recitals, and hosting receptions for visiting musical artists are just a few of the ways Mu Beta Psi helps in the promotion of music. We also regularly volunteer for SingStrong, an a capella festival that raises money for Alzheimer’s research, take part in Relay for Life, and sometimes partake in the Polar Plunge held on some of our campuses.

Ushers for a Winters Tale

Selling programs for Michigan Tech’s football game

Brothers helped out at the US Bands competition at Met Life Stadium


In addition to its honorary and service creed, Mu Beta Psi is an active fraternity. Social gatherings within the fraternity and with other groups include intramural sports, talent shows, and fundraisers. Such activities make chapters of Mu Beta Psi an integral part of the Community.

Brothers at Michigan Tech are very active in broomball


The members of Mu Beta Psi are united by a common love for music and a desire to promote it to the surrounding community. Brotherhood, comprised of individuals of every gender, is the most important aspect of our fraternity life. It is the relationship between our Brothers that is the most fulfilling and rewarding aspect of joining Mu Beta Psi National Honorary Musical Fraternity.


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