• Get the support of two faculty members. We require two faculty members willing to support the colonization process. They do not need to be music faculty, we only ask that they retain an interest in guiding the Fraternity.
  • Determine your niche. If you already have a music organization or fraternity, can your campus support another? Is there a segment of your music population that is not served by existing groups?
  • Recruit others. Seek out music students who are interested in being a part of the new chapter. We require at least fifteen (15) people begin the training process.
  • Get permission. Schedule some time to speak to the administration of your Music Department about starting a Chapter of Mu Beta Psi.  Also, contact your Office of Student Affairs (or equivalent body) for the requirements to be met when starting a new student organization on campus.
  • Create some goals. Begin thinking about goals that you wish your group to achieve, both short-term and long-term. Create a “mission statement”. Be prepared to explain — to us and your school — why your group thinks Mu Beta Psi belongs at your school.
  • Sell your school. Gather together basic information about your school, including a short history, basic facts (student population, location, etc.), a school catalogue, a copy of the academic calendar, and any interesting or unique facts about the institution.